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Feedback about Educomp – Classes I to IV
Educomp makes teaching, learning very interesting, effective and joyful.

Educomp is digital learning and technology invented teaching method for classroom. It will create new environment in classrooms and classes will turnout to be very interesting and lively, vibrant and radiant.

Educomp smart class is the only digital learning solution which
engages entire class in learning process. This includes mapped curriculum, digital modules, lesson plans, animations, graphics, audio video. This will enhance teaching methodology and empower learning.
. English : Teaching grammar by using educomp is very easy. By seeing the visuals children are able to understand better. It is thought provoking. It is helpful in broadening the horizon of both teachers and the students. It enables the teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning of students
Mathematics :  Some modules are good.  It has helped a lot in teaching place value, writing largest and smallest numbers by using the given digits.  It is exemplary.  Children are learning.  The educomp makes the class lively.  Each topic should have atleast two to three different sets with lots of examples.
. EVS : It brings abstract and difficult concepts to life inside the classroom. The modules help the students to understand the concepts faster and accurately. The modules are made such a way that the children are able to follow the concepts clearly. Hierarchy is followed while dealing a topic. Abstractness is reduced through various 3D pictures.
Classes V – VII
  • Teachers learn new innovative ideas through these modules. At the same time students and teachers are     enjoying it.
  • It is a readymade source of information and more descriptive.
  • Introduction of Educomp in the School has made the students productive.
  • It makes the teachers clear and logical.
  • It gives additional information so that understanding and comprehending skills will be developed.
  • Students are able to comprehend better due to visual impact which enables them to write on their own.
Mathematics :  Helpful to understand the concepts better. But the subject needs more of working to solve problems, so much time will be utilized to practice.
. Science : Hierachy is followed while dealing a topic. Concepts are clear. All the important points are covered supported by well labeled diagrams. Abstractness in any concept is reduced as the students are able to get a first hand information through various 2D and 3D pictures.
Social : Educomp when concerned to the social subject, it makes the students to learn with interest. As history is a dry subject, Educomp with visual aids and audio make the subject flexible. For Geography, the map work makes simple for students and even for teachers it makes teaching easier. In civics, students understand the functioning of our country better through practical aids.
. English : It serves very good for teaching grammar. As there is no lessonwise information in educomp for English we request you to include textual information for all the classes.
• On the whole the learning through Educomp makes students      enthusiastic and interesting.
Feedback about Educomp – English
  • Useful for the students of VIII and IX only in the context of grammar.
  • Since it is colourful it attracts the attention of the readers.
  • Certain portions of grammar are elaborately discussed and are truly useful for students.
  • Not at all useful for Class X students, because the content is below their level.
  • Not useful in teaching textual portions because it dosen’t have any. Only a summary of the poem and a note on the poet or author are available.
  • Too much of repetition is there in some of the modules.
  • Some portions of certain modules are not properly explained.
  • Voice modulation is not proper for certain modules.
Suggestions for improvement.
  • Textual portions can be incorporated, inkeeping with the CBSE syllabus.
  • Exercises can be included for practice, after each module.
  • Referential materials can be included.
  • Varieties of writing tasks can be included.
  • Voice modulation should be proper.
  • Repetitions under the same module should be avoided.
Classes VIII – X
Sub : Physics
  • Modules are helpful in keeping the class more interactive.
  • MCQ’s and worksheets are helpful to check the students (their understanding with respect to the concepts, applications and problem solving.
  • Electricity, Magentism and motion modules are very good (for example: working of motor/generator, how exactly the armature works etc.)
  • 3D modules are very effective.
  • Good during revision.
  • Very effective for slow learners and average learners.
Suggestion :
Timely updation can be donel
Can include modules in-line with CBSE syllabus.
Processing time is too long and it can be reduced
-Teachers – Mrs. V.E. Latha & Mrs. Uma
Sub : Biology
  • For IX and X standard it is useful to show the life-processes taking place in the internal organs of the body.
  • For VIII standard explanations are not sufficient.
  • Process is very slow, continuous explanation is not there. We have to operate the system frequently.
  • For revision it can be used, specially for slow learners.
-Teacher – Mrs. Suma. B
Sub : Hindi
  • Educomp is useful to make children understand the concept clearly. They could wath the poems sung by famous singer related to their chapters. For example Mira ke pad were shown with the help of pen drive.
  • Some moral science clips were shown to them to make learning process effective.
  • Some of the modules of smart class were shown to them like modules of Indus valley civilization.
Teacher – Mrs. Suma. B
Sub : Chemistry
  • Children enjoy the educomp classes.
  • 3D modules make the class alive.
  • In Chemistry the modules should be up graded to match the syllabus in IX and X.
  • Teaching becomes slow as it consumes more time for processing.
  • It is good to have educomp classes to motivate slow learners.
Teacher – Mrs. V.R. Rajalakshmi
Sub : Social Science
  • History – Provides visual aid to understand the concepts.
  • Geography – Very useful for as it helps to know the location and easy to identify the places.
  • Economy – Modules and slide shows are useful and informative.
  • Educomp provides better understanding and interesting while learning the concepts.
Teacher – Mrs. Sharadha
Sub : Mathematics
  • Complete syllabus is not covered.
  • Explanation is not very clear or not sufficient.
  • We teach from simple to complex but in educomp only the complex method is followed. Alternate methods are not given.
  • Voice modulation is not there.
  • Very slow.
  • Students feel that concept taught by teacher is better than educomp.
  • Helpful to use as a revision for every chapter at the end.
  • Helpful to teach or show three dimensional figures, especially concerned to mensuration.
Sub : Mathematics
  • Complete syllabus is to be covered strictly according to CBSE.
  • y adopting different methods to explain the complicated concepts.
  • Voice modulation should be there.
Teacher Mr. Hegde, Mrs. Devi & Mrs. Uma.